Pet Diagnostics

When it comes to treating your pet, accurate detection is essential, and we provide full diagnostics, including digital radiology (x-rays) and ultrasound imaging.

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Pet Diagnostics

Our doctors can diagnose numerous illnesses more rapidly thanks to high-quality digital x-rays. Advanced digital imaging services can possibly save lives by detecting interior problems early on in a variety of conditions, including cancers of bones and organs, neurological illnesses, musculoskeletal disorders, internal organ conditions, and trauma injury, to name a few. Additionally, Animal Emergency of Gainesville offers an on-site lab that enables us to complete a variety of diagnostic lab tests while you wait. On-site testing services include urinalysis, blood chemistry profiles, clotting profiles, electrolyte determinations, and more.

While we provide a wide range of on-site testing, your pet may require laboratory work that is outside the purview of our services. In some situations, we are pleased to submit bloodwork or other tests to a third-party lab, which will then send us the results.

Our in-house diagnostic services give you priceless peace of mind by obtaining test results without having to wait additional time for outsourcing lab to perform the procedure.