Ensure Your Pet’s Security During Outdoor Strolls

Make the most of Take a Walk in the Park Day on March 30 with your furry companion, but don’t let any preventable issues spoil your special day. When taking Fido for his stroll, be aware and watch out for these hazards!

#1: Other dogs

When out for a walk with your pet, be sure to keep an eye out for any other canines. A reactive dog without its collar on could spell disaster, and even friendly off-leash dogs may be perceived as a threat by yours. Remain vigilant of your pup’s body language – if they seem agitated or are too aroused around another furry friend, do you best to steer clear from the scene immediately! During busier hours at parks it would also be wise not to venture in with your pooch as large packs of unleashed pups often lead to altercations.

#2: Traffic

When strolling to the park, be extra vigilant of oncoming traffic such as cars, cyclists and pedestrians. By keeping your pet at close proximity by your side you can avoid unfortunate accidents. A pet tethered with an unlocked telescopic or extended leash could suddenly run into traffic to chase a squirrel, lasso over a cyclist or rope around people; also worth noting is that these types of leashes may not hold up if pulled too hard by your furry friend!

#3: Parasites

Safeguard your pet from intestinal and external parasites that frequently lurk in park habitats–the perfect conditions for these unwelcome guests. Administer preventives year-round, while checking nose-to-tail when you arrive home to ensure a bug free buddy!

#4: Wildlife

As your pup follows their olfactory instincts in the park, they may stumble upon wild creatures’ burrows, nests and resting areas. Generally speaking, when people or pets get close to animals in the wild they will flee; however, there are times where some of them might become aggressive if feeling threatened by a perceived danger towards their young ones, food source or domain. For these reasons it is crucial not to disturb wildlife since they often carry parasites and diseases that can be harmful for humans as well as our furry friends.

Keep your pet safe and healthy while outdoors by making sure they have regular preventive care to protect them from parasites and infectious diseases.